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Feed your restaurant’s takeout service through tantalizing food photography.

Your customers are still out there, but they need to hear from you. Now is the time to capture your menu through professional food photography that will make mouths water and your telephone ring. Whether it’s crunchy, zesty pizza-oven pizza, tangy souvlaki, or perfectly seared prime rib, your dishes will come to life inviting more orders. Regular photography is not food photography—it’s a special craft. As both a professional food photographer and a Cordon Bleu trained chef, I understand the art of bringing your dishes to life visually, based on the savory combination of the ingredients creating them.

I’ve asked myself how I can help serve during this global pandemic. To do so, I’m offering a food photography package to help restaurants bring in customers. $275 for 12 images, including light food-styling (drink shots, as well). Alluring, attractive, appetizing images will put your business out front, giving you a competitive edge.



Steve Hill, KitchenRag Productions or 917-517-3696

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